RRP Electrical

What we do

As a householder/flatholder, these are things to look for when you are appointing an electrician to carry out work in your home

Are they....

  1. Suitably competent/qualified and have the necessary experience to carry out the work required?

  2. Registered to carry out work in domestic properties?

  3. Insured to carry out electrical work?

  4. They a company/business that is properly set up?

  5. Guarantee completed work?

  6. Will they certify works and notify the local authority building control office of completed works where relevant?

If the answer the questions is yes, thats great. Unfortunately there are still way too many people who are happy to employ people who are none of the above simply because of cost.

At RRP Electrical, we only employ suitably qualified electricians who will have the necessary knowledge and experience of the work that is required.

  • Domestic

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Installation/Maintence, Inspection & Testing